Nvidia CEO Says It Will Spark "the Next Revolution" Beyond AI

Declares this radical biotechnology "is going to be flat out one of the biggest [tech revolutions] ever." And this $10 stock is at the center of all.


Hyundai Continues To Expand Its EV Lineup

While legacy automakers General Motors (NYSE: GM) and Ford Motor (NYSE: F) continue to scale down and reassess their EV ambitions, Hyundai Motor Company (OTC: HYMTF) is growing its EV portfoli

Discover "U.S.'s New Money" Before Biden Wins - Ad

A new form of money has emerged in America, and it's making some folks wildly rich... (Musk and Bezos both use it). Find out how you can too in this free video.

Dogecoin Is 'The Easiest Play, 'Will 2x Instantly' Once It Starts Moving, Bullish Traders Predict

Dogecoin (CRYPTO: DOGE) has caught the attention of cryptocurrency traders, who see the apex meme coin poised for upside soon.

Roblox Stock Faces Death Cross As Mixed Earnings, Downgraded Outlook Signal Trouble Ahead

Roth MKM's Eric Handler reduced the price target for Roblox from $55 to $35 while the technical outlook for the stock has turned bearish.

The World's First "$20 Trillion Drug?" - Ad

One small biotech holds the key to a revolution in treating Alzheimer's disease. Jeff Bezos, Goldman Sachs & Big Pharma giants have invested billions into this unknown biotech. Our research proves that anyone who gets in today could see gains as high as 113,000%!

Wedbush Analyst Dan Ives Says Raising Apple Price Target To Reflect AI-Driven iPhone 16 Supercycle: 'WWDC A Key Moment Ahead'

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives has revised the price target for Apple Inc from $250 to $275. The adjustment is to account for the anticipated iPhone 16 supercycle, driven by AI technology. This could potentially add $30 to $40 per share to the stock.

Gemini To Return $2.18B To Earn Program Users

Gemini returns $2.18B to users of their now-defunct Earn program, with a 232% recovery since withdrawals were frozen in Nov 2022.

Mysterious Gold Leverage Just Announced - Ad

Ex-Goldman Sachs VP reveals a secret of the rich and connected that lets you tap into the upside of a huge amount of real, physical gold for just a few dollars at a time. He says the upside could be near 1,000% in the coming future.

What's Going On With Alibaba Stock On Thursday?

Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA) is considering a $5 billion convertible bond sale, following rival JD's move. This could fund share repurchases and growth. BABA's ADRs have dropped 6.6% this week. Reports of bearish sentiment from U.S. short sellers may have caused this. BABA reported 7% revenue growth in Q4 2023. BABA stock has lost 0.24% in the last 12 months.

These 5 Picks Put You on the Path Towards $500K - Ad

Give me just 10 minutes and I'll show you all the jaw-dropping details I've uncovered behind the next generation of investing... and why NOW is the best time to make your move... No games, no gimmicks...just a very real chance to rake in up to $500k in the next 12 months from these 5 'off the radar' opportunities.

Nvidia's Success May Propel These 6 AI-Related Stocks To New Heights

The upcoming quarterly results of Nvidia are not just a matter of interest for the company, but also for six other AI-related stocks that tend to rise when Nvidia outperforms.

REVEALED: Elon Musk's Secret AI Facility? - Ad

I recently shot this video outside what could be Elon Musk's biggest secret. What's happening inside these walls is so important that our government has declared it a matter of national security.

Stock Alert from the Man Who Bought Amazon in 1999 - Ad

He predicted the rise of the Internet... the financial crisis of 2008... and many of the most famous stocks of the last 25 years -- including Amazon, Apple, and Netflix, before they were household names. (So many of his predictions came true, CNBC nicknamed him "The Prophet."). Now, this Wall Street millionaire is telling folks, "Here's exactly where I'd be putting my money in 2024."

Apple's Eye-Controlled iPhones, Siri's Upgrade And More: A Recap Of Week's Top Stories In Appleverse

Apple made headlines with innovative accessibility features, labor strikes, and potential partnerships. Stay updated with a quick roundup of top stories.

Maker of popular weedkiller amplifies fight against cancer-related lawsuits

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — After failing in several U.S. states this year, global chemical manufacturer Bayer said Tuesday that it plans to amplify efforts to create a legal shield against a proliferation of lawsuits alleging it failed to warn that its popular weedkiller could cause cancer.

Exposed: 3 Cent Crypto to Explode June 24th? - Ad

Chris Rowe, the man who spotted 44 different coins that have returned over 100%, is now making the biggest crypto call of his ENTIRE career.... Because a powerful crypto event will trigger on June 24th... Sending hundreds of tiny cryptos soaring 5X, 50X, even 100X -- in just days.

Forget AI, Imperium Is Expected to Grow 320,000% In 3 Years - Ad

Three of the world's biggest AI companies -- Google, Nvidia and Intel -- have even partnered with my No. 1 Imperium company to get on this massive mega trend. The average investor hasn't caught on yet, but you can still invest in my No. 1 Imperium company for just $10 a share.

SEC Approves Spot Ethereum ETFs, Opening Door For Mainstream Investors

In a move that could significantly boost mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, the Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the first spot Ether exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Elon's New A.I. Device is About to Shock the World - Ad

Using this device you see... Elon Musk just tested a new type of A.I. that according to Wired Magazine will usher in... "The next step in human evolution."

Elon Musk Endorses This Apple Product As 'Great' — And, No It's Not iPhone Or Vision Pro

Elon Musk has praised Apple's headphones as great, distinguishing them from other Apple products like the iPhone and Vision Pro.

The Biggest Year in Crypto Is Here... Right Now - Ad

The LAST bull run in crypto handed out 4 and 5-figure returns... This time the odds are stacked even better in our favor. 19 Wall Street banks are pouring millions into crypto right now... Blackrock Financial has gone ALL IN and is already breaking records with their investment. $100 trillion in Wall Street money is just waiting to be deployed. The only thing missing... is you.

Tesla Semi Fleet Grows As PepsiCo Takes Delivery Of Another 50 EV Trucks

A PepsiCo spokesperson told Benzinga in January that the company has a total of 36 Tesla Semis deployed in its fleet.

Martha's Vineyard Dispensary Sues State Regulators Over Weed Transportation Ban Amid Dwindling Supply

Explore the cannabis supply crisis on Martha's Vineyard, highlighting legal battles, community impacts, and potential solutions. Read now!

19 of America's 25 Richest Are Using a New Form of Money--Are You? - Ad

Since 2010 the U.S. dollar has lost 30% of its value. That's why some savvy Americans (including 19 of the nation's 25 richest people) are using to a New Form of Money, up 350% during same time period . Is America's New Money right for you? One of the country's leading experts, (a multi-millionaire analyst, who built a business worth more than $1 billion)

United Airlines says it has regained some privileges that were suspended after problem flights

CHICAGO (AP) — United Airlines says federal regulators are letting it resume adding new routes and planes after a series of incidents, including an engine fire and a tire falling off a plane after takeoff, led them to to make those moves.

TikTok rolls out new rules to limit the reach of state-affiliated media accounts on its platform

NEW YORK (AP) — TikTok is putting in place new rules to limit the reach of state-affiliated media accounts that are attempting to exert influence abroad .

Obama's 2024 Surprise: His Secret Plan to Finish What He Started - Ad

The ONLY way Democrats can keep the White House is to bring back Barack Obama. And there's a sneaky (yet 100% legal) way to achieve this. In fact, this disaster scenario is already underway. See what they're up to, and how you can get ready today.

CEO of Brazil’s oil and gas giant Petrobras steps down following dustup over dividends

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The head of Brazil’s state-controlled oil and gas giant Petrobras has stepped down, the company said in a prepared statement Wednesday, following months of tensions with the federal government.

California is testing new generative AI tools. Here's what to know

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Generative artificial intelligence tools will soon be used by California's government.


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