U.S. Loses to China in Shocking WAR GAMES

Pentagon says new "living missile" key to winning a future conflict. Investors stand to reap 35,960% on shares of the small defense contractor that makes powerful new weapon.


Thailand is set to roll out a controversial $13.8 billion handout plan in digital money to citizens

BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand's prime minister said Monday that eligible businesses and individuals can register from August for digital cash handouts, that will cost billions of dollars and is meant to boost the lagging economy.

China's economy slowed in the last quarter as weak consumer demand dragged on growth

BANGKOK (AP) — China's economy expanded at a slower-than-forecast 4.7% annual rate in the last quarter, the government reported Monday, while emphasizing signs of improvement in factory output, income and investment.

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Japan's exports surge 13.5% in May, helped by cheap yen and strong demand in US, Asian markets

TOKYO (AP) — Japan's exports surged 13.5% in May, faster than expected growth helped by a weak yen and strong demand in the U.S. and Asia.

Anxiety over persistent inflation helps drive down US consumer sentiment for third consecutive month

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. consumer sentiment fell in June for the third straight month as Americans took a dimmer view of their own finances and worried about persistent inflation.

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Japan's economy is shrinking, although slightly less than previously thought

TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese economy shrank at an annual rate of 1.8% in the first quarter of this year, slightly better than , according to revised government data Monday.

Stock market today: Asian stocks rise after Wall Street barrels to records

HONG KONG (AP) — Asian markets rose Thursday after Wall Street barreled to records Wednesday as the frenzy around artificial-intelligence technology keeps sending stocks higher.

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Modi touts India's roaring economy as he seeks reelection, but many feel left behind

SAMASTIPUR, India (AP) — Narendra Modi swept to power a decade ago on promises to transform India’s economy, and it would be hard to argue he hasn’t made strides. As he as prime minister, the country’s economic growth is the envy of the world, its stock markets are booming, and new buildings and highways are popping up everywhere.

US economic growth last quarter is revised down from 1.6% rate to 1.3%, but consumers kept spending

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. economy grew at a sluggish 1.3% annual pace from January through March, the government said Thursday in a downgrade from its previous estimate. Consumer spending rose but at a slower pace than previously thought.

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Stock market today: Global shares mostly decline after Nasdaq ticks to a record high

TOKYO (AP) — Global shares retreated Tuesday, even as most U.S. stock indexes finished higher, especially technology issues like Nvidia.

China is expected to announce new measures to fix its property crisis, spur growth

Housing prices in China slumped in the first four months of the year, although factory output rose nearly 7%, according to data released Friday, as the country prepares to announce fresh measures to reinvigorate its ailing property industry.

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Stock market today: Asian shares mixed in muted trading after Wall Street barely budges

TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares were mixed in muted trading Tuesday after U.S. stock indexes were little changed ahead of the release of inflation data.

British economy rebounds strongly in first quarter of the year, ending 'technical recession'

LONDON (AP) — The British economy bounced back strongly in the first three months of the year, bringing to an end to what economists termed a “technical recession”, official figures showed Friday.

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Confidence of US consumers continues to decline as Americans worry about the future

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. consumer confidence deteriorated for the third straight month as Americans continue to fret about their short-term financial futures with prices and interest rates still elevated.

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On January 28th of 2024... Elon Musk launched a crazy AI experiment involving a real human in California. Elon already invested $100 million of his own money into this AI project... Because he knows the profits here could be ridiculous.

US growth likely slowed last quarter but still pointed to a solid economy

WASHINGTON (AP) — Coming off a robust end to 2023, the U.S. economy is thought to have extended its surprisingly healthy streak at the start of this year, with consumers still spending freely despite the pressure of high interest rates.

IMF: Outlook for world economy is brighter, though still modest by historical standards

WASHINGTON (AP) — The International Monetary Fund has upgraded its outlook for the global economy this year, saying the world appears headed for a “soft landing” — reining in inflation without much economic pain and producing steady if modest growth.

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Elon Musk warned that humanity will soon be 'obsolete.' Every port, railroad, highway, and airport in America is facilitating a kind of 'invasion' that will bring about centuries worth of change in the next few years. If Elon and the research are correct -- the results could be devastating for the average American.

Stock market today: Asia stocks are mostly lower after Wall St rebound led by Big Tech

HONG KONG (AP) — Asia stocks were mostly lower on Friday after gains for Big Tech shares helped U.S. stock indexes claw back much of their slide from the day before.

Switzerland lays out new 'too big to fail' rules in wake of Credit Suisse banking turmoil last year

GENEVA (AP) — Wednesday announced steps to bolster its “too big to fail” rules aimed at avoiding potentially disastrous fallout from banking sector turmoil after woes last year at Credit Suisse before .

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US and China plan talks on economies, including manufacturing ‘overcapacity’ issue, Yellen says

GUANGZHOU, China (AP) — The U.S. and China agreed to hold talks that will address a key American complaint about China's economic model, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on the second day of an official visit to China.

US jobs report for March is likely to point to slower but still-solid hiring

WASHINGTON (AP) — The American economy is thought to have added 200,000 jobs in March — a more-than-respectable increase though one that would mark a slowdown from February's and last year's monthly average increase of 251,000.

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Who wouldn't like prices to start falling? Careful what you wish for, economists say

WASHINGTON (AP) — Many Americans are in a sour mood about the economy for one main reason: Prices feel too high.

Average long-term US mortgage rate falls slightly, easing borrowing costs for home shoppers

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The average long-term U.S. mortgage rate fell slightly this week, welcome news for home shoppers facing rising prices and a stubbornly low inventory of properties on the market this spring homebuying season.

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CBS News Reports: "It's an entirely new type of weapon." The New York Times Reports: "No existing defense can stop it." And one small company is building them for the Pentagon!

Here are the big hurdles to the global push to build up renewable energy

The world's governments have agreed they want to triple renewable energy by 2030, a goal laid out at the U.N. climate summit in December.

New Zealand slips into its second recession in 18 months as economy contracts

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand has entered its second recession in 18 months after the latest round of GDP figures confirmed its economy contracted in the last quarter of 2023.

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China's economy shows signs of improvement, but its property sector is still in the doldrums

HONG KONG (AP) — China's manufacturing and investment improved in the first two months of the year, while weakness in the property sector weighed on the economy, the National Bureau of Statistics said Monday.

Stock market today: Asian markets retreat after data dash hopes that a US rate cut is imminent

BEIJING (AP) — Asian markets retreated Friday, with Hong Kong’s benchmark falling nearly 2%, after a mixed batch of data on the U.S. economy dashed hopes that easier interest rates are coming soon.


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