The No. 1 Crypto of 2024 (Trading for Less Than 10 Cents)

25X Predicted For THIS Crypto -- Starting on June 24th, this tiny 3-cent crypto just partnered with one of the biggest companies in the world... Amazon. And one team of crypto experts has identified it as the most promising crypto of 2024. You can see all of the details surrounding the No. 1 Crypto of 2024 here.


Why Is Vaccine Maker Emergent BioSolutions Stock Trading Higher On Tuesday? (UPDATED)

Emergent BioSolutions has secured over $250 million in contract modifications from the ASPR at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The funding ensures the supply of critical medical countermeasures, including Cyfendus for anthrax, ACAM2000 for smallpox, VIGIV for smallpox vaccine complications, and BAT for botulism.

Walgreens Boots Alliance Expected To Close 25% Of Stores, But Financial Benefit Visible Only Next Year-Analyst

Walgreens Boots Alliance reported mixed third-quarter FY 2024 earnings. WBA reduced its EPS guidance and announced numerous store closures due to ongoing challenges.

Seven Unknown AI Stocks That Could Dominate the Next Six Years - Ad

The original "Magnificent Seven" stocks generated 16,800% over the last 20 years. But now a new set of AI stocks is set to take over. Alex Green dubs them "The Next Magnificent Seven." And he's arguing that just $1,000 in each could turn into more than $1 million in less than six years.

Bipartisan Effort At U.S. Capitol Calls On FDA To Approve MDMA Therapy For Vets And Others With PTSD

Bipartisan lawmakers and veterans push for FDA approval of MDMA therapy for PTSD, marking a milestone in mental health innovation.

AbbVie Appeals To Supreme Court Over Attorney-Client Privilege In 'Long-Standing' AndroGel Case

AbbVie petitions the U.S. Supreme Court to protect its corporate records, arguing a lower court ruling threatens attorney-client privilege.

Renowned Footballer David Beckham Invests In Small Health & Wellness Firm Prenetics

Prenetics announces David Beckham as a strategic investor and co-founding partner of IM8, a new health and wellness brand. IM8 will focus on consumer health products.

Dozens were sickened with salmonella after drinking raw milk from a California farm

Dozens of salmonella illnesses have been linked to raw milk from a California farm, a far wider outbreak than previously known, according to newly released state records.

New "Living Missile" to Replace Nuclear Missiles - Ad

CBS News Reports: "It's an entirely new type of weapon." The New York Times Reports: "No existing defense can stop it." And one small company is building them for the Pentagon!

The threat of litigation looms as Purdue Pharma returns to settlement talks

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma is trying to chart the course for a new mass settlement of thousands of lawsuits over the toll of opioids after the U.S. Supreme Court last month which was

Pfizer's RSV Vaccine Abrysvo Clears Concerns Over Preterm Birth Risk, Safety For Pregnant Women, New Study Shows

Pfizer's RSV vaccine, Abrysvo, for pregnant women shows no increased risk of pre-term births, according to a study. Researchers found no significant difference in pre-term birth rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated women.

New Trump Bombshell - Ad

The Freeport Society and Louis Navellier have just issued a shocking election prediction for 2024. I believe Donald J. Trump will go down as America's last Republican president. But NOT for the reasons you may think...

GLP-1 Treatments Such As Wegvoy, Mounjaro Cut Obesity-Related Cancer Risks, Study Finds

A study finds that GLP-1 treatments, including Novo Nordisk's Ozempic and Eli Lilly's Mounjaro, significantly reduce the risk of ten obesity-related cancers in type 2 diabetes patients, highlighting their potential for broader health benefits.

Medical Marijuana For All: Minnesota Empowers Patients And Doctors To Determine Eligibility

Minnesota's new law empowers doctors to recommend cannabis, rendering strict qualifying conditions obsolete. It may set a precedent for other states.

The Surprising Way to Play AI (Not Stocks!) - Ad

Almost nine out of 10 Americans completely ignore this market. And your broker probably isn't going to help you invest in this niche. That's because this niche of the AI market is completely outside of the stock market. Take advantage of these potential AI superstars....

Novo Nordisk Buys 2seventy's Hemophilia A Program, Divestiture Supports Exclusive Focus On Abecma

2seventy Bio finalized an asset purchase agreement with Novo Nordisk involving the Hemophilia A program and in vivo gene editing technology. The 2seventy bio team will join Novo Nordisk, focusing on advancing the technology.

Your Second Chance to Profit from AI - Ad

If you missed out on Nvidia, don't worry. A 244-year-old pattern is about to trigger a $25.6 trillion AI surge... And send three overlooked stocks soaring 1,000%+

Morgan Stanley Says Elevance Health's Growth Attributed To Consistent Performance But Undervalued

Morgan Stanley initiates coverage on Elevance Health with an Overweight rating and a $643 price target. Elevance Health's diversified offerings and growth potential in Medicare Advantage, PBM, Specialty Pharmacy, and Carelon Services.

Man Who Predicted Trump 2016 Win: "Prepare for Election Meltdown" - Ad

In 2016, surveys were giving Hillary Clinton more than 99% chance of winning right up until election night. But right before the election... Former advisor to the CIA, Jim Rickards predicted Trump would win. You won't believe what he's predicting now. And it could have huge implications for the financial markets.

Federal appeals court says some employers can exclude HIV prep from insurance coverage

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Employers who challenged some federal cannot be forced to provide no-cost coverage for certain types of preventive care, including HIV prep and some kinds of cancer screenings, a federal appeals court in New Orleans ruled Friday.

FDA OKs first menthol e-cigarettes, citing potential to help adult smokers

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday authorized the first menthol-flavored electronic cigarettes for adult smokers, the government’s strongest indication yet that vaping flavors can reduce the harms of traditional tobacco smoking.

Elon Did It Again: This Could be Bigger than Tesla - Ad

After revolutionizing online payment processing (PayPal), space exploration (SpaceX) and the auto industry (Tesla)... He's getting ready to do it again with his new A.I. venture. This could be bigger than Tesla, bigger than SpaceX, and bigger than Paypal.

Change Healthcare to start notifying customers who had data exposed in cyberattack

Change Healthcare is starting to notify hospitals, insurers and other customers that they may have had patient information exposed in a .

Johnson & Johnson Faces New Lawsuit(s) Related To Its Talc Products

Johnson & Johnson faces a new class action lawsuit seeking damages and medical monitoring for cancer risk from talc products.

The End of America's Global Leadership - Ad

Believe it or not, this October surprise could end up being the real election story when historians write their books. And no matter who wins, it may be impossible to restore America's global standing afterwards.

Eli Lilly Expands Fight Against Counterfeit Obesity Drug Zepbound With New Legal Actions

Eli Lilly & Co has intensified its fight against counterfeit versions of its popular obesity drug, Zepbound, by initiating additional legal proceedings against companies selling compounded versions of the medication.

Illegally brewed liquor kills at least 29 with dozens hospitalized in southern India

NEW DELHI (AP) — At least 29 people have died and dozens hospitalized after drinking illegally brewed liquor in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, officials told local media Thursday.

The World's First Trillion Dollar Drug - Ad

By 2030, Wall Street experts predict it could generate more revenue than the top 10 best-selling drugs... combined. Early investors stand to reap tremendous rewards as its growth surges 75,000% by 2030. Former hedge fund manager Ian King predicts this could become the world's first trillion-dollar drug. And he's recommending 3 little-known stocks to play this fast-moving trend.

Dollar Tree left lead-tainted applesauce pouches on store shelves for weeks after recall, FDA says

Dollar Tree failed to effectively recall lead-tainted applesauce pouches linked to reports of illness in more than 500 children, leaving the products on some stores shelves for two months, the Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday.

Russian authorities arrest 3 people after dozens are hospitalized with botulism symptoms

Russian authorities on Tuesday detained three people in connection with a suspected botulism outbreak, a move that comes after dozens of people in four different regions have been hospitalized with symptoms of the rare and dangerous disease.

U.S. Loses to China in Shocking WAR GAMES - Ad

Pentagon says new "living missile" key to winning a future conflict. Investors stand to reap 35,960% on shares of the small defense contractor that makes powerful new weapon.

Lawmakers seek health care and retirement protections for Steward Health Care workers

BOSTON (AP) — A group of Democratic members of Congress, led by Sen. Edward Markey of Massachusetts, is seeking reassurances that workers at hospitals owned by Steward Health Care will have their health care and retirement benefits protected.

Get in Our "Ozempic Trade" Before It's Too Late... - Ad

In the past 90 days, one stock has jumped 96% and another has gained 88%. Don't miss out on the next round of potential winners. Here are 4 "Ozempic Stocks" you must own.

FDA took months to react to complaint about Abbott infant formula factory, audit finds

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration took more than 15 months to act on a whistleblower complaint it received about conditions at an Abbott Nutrition factory that was at the center of a nationwide shortage of infant formula, a new audit shows.

The Latest | The US Supreme Court rules to preserve access to abortion pill mifepristone

WASHINGTON (AP) — The on Thursday to preserve access to the abortion pill mifepristone, a pill used in the most common way to end a pregnancy. The medication was used in nearly in the United States last year.


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